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Compassionate Veterinary Clinic in North Vancouver

North Shore Veterinary Clinic provides you with a friendly and reliable vet in North Vancouver. From regular examinations to surgery and radiology, our full-service veterinary clinic can provide the care you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. We have internists, radiologists, and ophthalmologists available.

We have separate waiting areas for dogs and cats so that you don’t have to worry about potential conflict. We also have an isolation ward for disease control.

If you’re worried about your pet’s health, talk to our experts about a wellness program.

We offer online booking of appointments. Just visit our contact us page to see how or give us a call today.



Keep your pets healthy with regular wellness examinations. Your pet could have underlying health conditions and diseases without showing recognizable symptoms. Early detection of these problems is important for successful treatment and control.


Vaccines play an important role in disease prevention. We recommend an individualized vaccination protocol dependent on your pet’s needs, potential exposure, and travel requirements. Antibody titer blood tests can be done to check a pet’s immunity levels to different diseases and further assist in decisions regarding vaccinations.


Nutritional needs vary for different species, breeds, ages and health conditions. We work with our clients to help them make informed dietary choices for their pets. From puppies and kittens to seniors, we provide advice and recommendations on how to use food to nourish your pet and fuel wellness.

My Vet Store

You can now buy your pet food and other supplies online. Please visit to make an account and have everything either delivered to the clinic or straight to your home. No need to lug home big bags of food anymore and you can set up automatic orders so that you never run out of your pet supplies again.

Senior Care

Beginning at around age seven, pets enter their golden years. Senior pets are at an increased risk for developing age-related conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, liver, and kidney disease. Early detection and prompt treatment of these diseases can significantly prolong and improve your pet’s quality of life. We recommend regular wellness examinations and geriatric blood profiles for our senior patients to alert us to any changes before they become serious.


Behavioural challenges in pets are very common and can be difficult to overcome. They can include anxiety, fearfulness, aggression, destructive behaviour, and house-training issues. It is important to rule out any underlying medical contributing factors. Our team works with you to manage your pet’s individual behavioural needs.



Our in-clinic pharmacy allows us to begin treatment immediately to start the healing process. We stock a wide range of veterinary specific medications and supplements. Special formulations can be made at compounding pharmacies for our pint-sized patients or those who are difficult to medicate.



Our in-house laboratory allows us to run a variety of tests and obtain quick results.
For more extensive testing, we utilize a local veterinary-specific laboratory.


Identification for your pet is important. It gives owners peace of mind that their pets will have the best chance of finding their way home.

Microchip identification is a safe and effective way to identify lost pets. We place a small chip (about the size of a grain of rice) under their skin. It is a simple procedure and does not require sedation or anesthesia. Microchip numbers are identified by a handheld scanner available at most veterinary hospitals or animal control facilities. It is recognized internationally and is especially important for owners who travel out of province with their pets.

Identification tattoos are done under general anesthesia, usually when performing spay or neuter procedures. A series of numbers and letters assigned to your pet are recognized throughout the province of British Columbia.



Digital radiography has revolutionized veterinary radiology. Our digital x-ray machine allows us to perform diagnostic radiographs on site to identify health problems and initiate appropriate treatment. Images are available immediately and can be modified to allow for more accurate interpretation. It also allows us to email x-rays to specialists for further assessment when required.

We have a board-certified radiologist available to perform ultrasounds when further diagnostics are indicated.


To ensure that it is safe for your pet to have an anesthetic, we may recommend a blood profile evaluation be performed. This will provide us with information on your pet’s internal organ function and help us determine an individualized anesthetic protocol. Safe and effective anesthesia provides for a faster and more comfortable and pain-free recovery.


We have a custom-designed surgical suite with a positive pressure ventilation system that provides a germ-free environment.


Dental disease is very common in dogs and cats and is a major health concern. Dental tartar and bacteria build up on teeth causing inflammation of gums can lead to infection, gum recession and loss of teeth. Bacteria can also be absorbed into the bloodstream and negatively impact vital organs. Regular dental checkups and homecare such as brushing and prescription dental diets can help improve your pet’s health and prevent disease.

Isolation Ward

Our fully equipped and self-contained isolation ward prevents contamination of other areas of the hospital when infectious animals need to be hospitalized.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions. We also use laser therapy post-surgery to speed the healing process.


End of life decisions are something owners may need to consider when their pets have serious illnesses and quality of life concerns. We are here to help with that decision and support your family throughout the process.


Healthy Pets Are What We Want

North Shore Veterinary Clinic is a full-service veterinary clinic in North Vancouver. Bring your pet in today.

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