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Our Consultants

We are very fortunate to have available to us the expertise and consulting services of the following specialists.

Dr. Lawrence Brown - Mobile Ultrasound

Dr. Brown works in the Lower Mainland consulting in radiology and performing diagnostic ultrasounds.

Dr. Tatjana Mirkovic – Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Mirkovic has her own mobile consulting business and travels to general veterinary practices to consult on difficult or unusual medical cases. She also performs a variety of special internal medicine procedures such as endoscopy, colonoscopy, rhinoscopy, bronchoscopy, bone marrow, and joint tap procedures.


Dr. Eugene Gorodetsky – Endoscopy Specialist

Dr. Gordetsky operates a mobile endoscopy service. Animal Endoscopy involves putting a long tube with a camera at the end into the airway system or stomach to take specimens or retrieve foreign bodies. Some of his most memorable finds are a toupee, a piece of Mr. Potato Head, a light bulb, and a diamond ring! He wisely advises pet owners to prevent animals from swallowing objects they shouldn’t.


Dr. Tasha Kowalewich – Pathology Consultant

Dr. Kowalowich works at IDEXX Veterinary Laboratory in Delta, BC. She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Pathology, which gives her a unique ability to interpret results of tests and how they pertain to each clinical case.


Dr. Nancy Brock – Anesthesiologist

Dr. Brock is a board-certified animal anesthesiologist who specializes in anesthetics for high-risk patients.


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